As part of the Green Aviation Technology (GATE) funding line, the project will realize a scalable hybrid-electric powertrain based on hydrogen as an energy carrier, leading to a technology that is ready for flight and certification. This will cover the range between drones in the 25kg class and ultralight aircraft with a take-off weight of 250kg. As a first step, a 25kg drone with gaseous H2 hybrid powertrain will be used. This demonstrator will be made to fly. A further development and scaling for a gas (or liquid) hydrogen powertrain for small aircraft in the 120 kg class is then the next step.



  • Project goal
    Scalable hybrid-electric powertrain with H2 fuel cell for aircraft in the 25-250kg range.
  • Duration 01.07.2022 - 30.06.2024
  • Sponsors Ministry of Economics and Innovation of the City of Hamburg
  • Budget Subsidy network = ca. 842T€ ; Subsidy ZAL = ca. 299T€
  • Number of project partners 4 incl. ZAL

Contact Person

Dr. Christop Heß, Dr. Holger Kuhn

UAM Competencies