Sustainable Aero Lab

For a sustainable future for the aviation industry.

The Sustainable Aero Lab aims to become the world’s leading address for knowledge transfer and open innovation in the area of sustainable aviation. It aims to draw together people from diverse backgrounds with a shared vision — the dream of making emission-free aviation a reality.

The Sustainable Aero Lab is a community. Founders, scientists, experienced entrepreneurs and investors find each other here. The welcome is extended to anyone who wants to contribute to the transformation of aviation into an emission-free industry.

The goal of the Sustainable Aero Lab is the process of knowledge transfer between universities, startups, experienced entrepreneurs, and large corporations. All participants meet every two months to jointly accelerate innovative ideas and startups. This is achieved by investigating the market viability of underlying scientific concepts early on in an interactive process, comparing them with the challenges and problems facing the industry.

Between events, the startups are supported by individual mentors. They play the main role in the process. The mentors recommend the three most important company goals for each startup for the next two months. As each mentor has different ideas in this regard, they also compete with one another to produce the best strategy. This approach is unique. It ensures that the mentors are active, but it also makes it clear to all startups present that even proven experts can identify different solutions for any given situation.

The Sustainable Aero Lab project was initiated by Hamburg company Density Ventures, led by serial entrepreneur and investor Stephan Uhrenbacher (founder of companies including Qype, Avocadostore and 9flats). As associated partners, Hamburg Aviation and ZAL are very involved. The Sustainable Aero Lab project is funded by the Hamburg Investitions and Foerderbank (IFB).

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Sustainable Aero Lab