Supply Chain Excellence Initiative

Competitiveness for the German Aerospace Industry

The German aerospace industry is currently in a state of profound change. Strong growth in the sector and high demand have triggered an extensive consolidation and industrialisation process. In order to support this structural transition in the best way possible, a total of fourteen regional associations, clusters and initiatives – including Hamburg Aviation -, the German Aerospace Industries Association (BDLI) and the industrial organisation SPACE Germany have joined together to form the common Supply Chain Excellence Initiative.

Within the framework of the Supply Chain Excellence Initiative, German air transport associations, clusters and initiatives work collaboratively with the Federal Government, Länder (states) and industry to strengthen Germany’s global competitiveness even further. Structural change in the aerospace industry is gaining speed and traditional supplier relationships are under pressure from the industrialization of the value chains. As a result, some areas of the German supplier industry are at risk of losing their competitiveness, in part due to government intervention and support for competing locations.

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