Future-oriented advanced training for Hamburg, a leading base for the global aviation industry

As a high-tech industry, aviation relies on innovative ideas. Above all, sustainable development is in high demand. Skilled workers employed by the many small and medium-sized companies located in the Hamburg metro region make a significant contribution. The city’s so-called “blue collar” workforce plays an important role in aircraft production. That’s why it’s vital to give this crucial sector of our industry greater consideration in developing future training programmes for skilled workers.
This is where the "QBlue" comes in: The project aims to support small and medium-sized businesses by focussing on targeted, demand-based qualification offerings.

Hamburg’s network for advanced skilled worker training, QBlue, collates demand-oriented education formats for areas that will be vital to the future of aviation in the metro region.

Integrated into other networking measures designed to foster collaboration and innovation, Hamburg is creating a new, dedicated network for the region’s aviation community. In addition, a central consulting and services team will be set up to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with information on training and funding opportunities, and to offer advice on staff development and training. Hamburg is also creating a centralised vocational training platform to make opportunities easily accessible for skilled worker employees, helping employers and staff alike to search for suitable qualification.

Another crucial aspect for Qblue: developing individualised learning path models. The project involves staff in developing future-oriented forms of learning via interactive processes and inter-company workshops that adapt to the needs of the individual employee.The results generated will be used to adapt existing training programmes and content in a target-oriented way, and to initiate further training opportunities. Looking forward, the project will also positively impact training for skilled workers in other sectors.

QBlue - a cooperative project with strong partners

QBlue is a joint project by the education network HCAT+ e.V., the aviation cluster Hamburg Aviation e.V. and the industry association Hanse-Aerospace e.V.. HCAT+ e.V. takes on a project coordination role, too.
All three partners have networked together for many years; each is tasked with maintaining existing collaborations and initiating new touchpoints for further cooperation. With their public sector mandate, the three project partners also bring extensive experience in collaborative activity and partner relations to this project.


The "Qblue" project is being funded for three years by the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and supported financially by the Hamburg Ministry of Economics and Innovation.

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