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The Internationale Paris Air Show (bi-annually, in June, at Le Bourget, France) is the most important event in the global aerospace industry calendar. As the third-largest civilian aviation site in the world, Hamburg traditionally plays a substantial role there as well. Aside from large member companies like Airbus, Zodiac Aerospace and Altran, the cluster itself exhibits at Paris Air Show, too. Focal points are high-ranking political visits and agenda points as well as international affairs, especially linked to the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership EACP.

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Airbus to mark 50 years of pioneering achievements at Paris Air Show 2019 with innovative technologies, products and services

Airbus Fluggeräte in der Luft

At the Paris Air Show 2019, Le Bourget, Airbus SE will present a broad portfolio of innovative products, technologies and services which meet the...


Hamburg’s presence at the largest air show of 2017

Germany’s leading aviation location well represented, both industrially and politically, at the International Paris Air Show (19 to 25 June, 2017).

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International Paris Air Show - where aerospace leaders get down to Business.