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TEST-FUCHS was founded in 1946 in Austria, by Mr. Fritz Fuchs.

In 1955 TEST-FUCHS started to design and manufacture test equipment for hydraulic, pneumatic, electrics/electronics and fuel components for airborne systems.

In 1955 in conjunction with the rebirth of the German aviation industry, TEST-FUCHS started to design ground support and test systems for the aviation industry. This activity has continued up to the present. Today TEST-FUCHS is one of the most important suppliers for test equipment, always meeting the high technical standards required by industry progress. Our equipment is also made and used for the automotive industry.

In 1986 today’s Aerospace division was founded where TEST-FUCHS designs, develops and manufactures components for the Space Industry, as well as aircraft fuel and lubricating pumps for the Aerospace Industry, according to EASA PART 21, Subpart G. Within the Aerospace division TEST-FUCHS also maintains aircraft components according to EASA PART-145 / FAR-145, and is a Honeywell authorized AWARS center.

Today TEST-FUCHS still is a family owned company which delivers its products to civil and military aircraft operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul companies (MROs). TEST-FUCHS’ offer is focused on an entire package of development, design, manufacturing, assembly and service as a one-stop shop. A major strength are customer specified engineered solutions in the field of test systems.

TEST-FUCHS, Ing. Fritz Fuchs GmbH, Erding & Hamburg, Germany:

In 1962 TEST-FUCHS founded the german company “TEST-FUCHS, Ing. Fritz Fuchs GmbH” with its registered office in Bonn. After relocation of the office to Erding in 1969 the company’s main target was to maintain and calibrate the test systems which were delivered to the German Air Force. In the following years the support tasks on customer site increased. Activities such as the maintenance of fuel and lubrication oil pumps started and in 1996 TEST-FUCHS became a certified repair station for maintenance JAR 145 approved by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (LAB) which is now called EASA.

The decreasing military business led TEST-FUCHS to increase the civil business activities. In 2008 TEST-FUCHS established a new location in the Hit Technopark in Hamburg for service activities at AIRBUS sites located in Finkenwerder, Stade and Bremen, for Lufthansa Technik in Hamburg and Berlin as well as MTU in Hannover.


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