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Sitec Aerospace GmbH

Sitec Aerospace has been a reliable partner in the aerospace industry for more than 40 years.

All business processes are certified according to AS/EN 9100. As an original equipment manufacturer and R & O facility, we naturally have EASA Part 21G, Part 145 and FAA certification.

Actuators: Sitec Aerospace has developed a wide range of double and single motorized actuators controlling temperature, oxygen and air as well as fuel and water flow on civil and military aircraft. Being of modular construction, they offer maximum adaptability with a minimum of design effort. 

Valves: Designed for individual requirements, our valves are used for a wide variety of applications in fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Hydraulic Solutions: The Hydraulic Cargo Door Actuator (A320 family), the Rotor Head Damper (ALH/Tiger), the Lag Plane Damper on the rotor head (Lynx), the Servo-Cylinder and the ASE Pack (Sea King) are some of the hydraulic products manufactured and tested by Sitec Aerospace.

Mechanical Flight Controls: Sitec Aerospace manufactures the mechanical flight control system consisting of 1,600 individual items and assemblies for the EH101 helicopter.

Engine Throttle Controls: The throttle control quadrants for the EH101 and Lynx helicopters as well as the advanced design for the Do-328 family are manufactured and assembled by Sitec Aerospace.

Supplier for B787, A350 and A380: We supply various actuators and valves for the B787, A380, A350 as well as the new Overhead Stowage Bin Closing Assistant for A380.


Good to know:

Employees: 190

Certifications:  AS/EN 9100, EASA Part 21G, Part 145 and FAA certification

Activities: Actuators, Valves, Hydraulic Applications, Mechanical Flight Controls, Engine Throttle Controls

Focus: civil / military


Sitec Aerospace GmbH

Sitec Aerospace GmbH
Sitec Aerospace GmbH