Independent development partner and system supplier

Silver Atena is an international independent system supplier specialized in the development of high-performance electronic systems for aerospace, defence, aero engines, automotive and energy purposes. We offer control units in safety critical environments and power electronics with a complete portfolio for all electrical systems in aircraft. Furthermore we develop test services and customized hardware‐in‐the‐loop (HIL) test systems and simulators.

Silver Atena develops hardware and software according to industrial standards and processes. In addition the company covers the whole V‐Model from requirements management to qualification thus we realise complete development projects for our customers.

Silver Atena is an approved partner for development and retrofit projects in the aerospace industry and supports its customer over the whole development cycle. Additionally the company consults its customers for complex challenges in the field of development, test and certification topics. As a member of the "Association for the Promotion of Applied Aeronautical Research", Silver Atena supports the ZAL GmbH and therefore the aerospace initiative in Hamburg.