QRelation Management Team GmbH

QRelation stands for qualified corporate partner as an interim manager. We will work with you to develop concepts for planning and implementing corporate strategies and objectives and are the (at) driving force in the realization of your vision. Interim Top Management!

QRelation Management Team GmbH was founded in January 2011 by Dipl. Ing. Stefan Karstens and Dipl. Ing. Stefan Heinsohn. Just outside Hamburg  in Jesteburg, we stand ready as your competent and efficient partner for all management tasks related to your business.

On 31.10.2011 there was a change in our ownership structure: we have strengthened our position through the two longtime companions Dipl. Ing. Anthony Cardozo and Dipl. Ing. Frank Glade. Our long-standing and trusting customer relationships are based on our performance and target-oriented approach. We adjust our advice to the permanently and contemporary ever-changing needs. The permanent exchange of experiences with our clients forms a solid basis for a successful completion of our projects.

Experienced managers and project managers take over tasks in critical situations, such as:

  • Bridging vacancy
  • Succession situations
  • Leadership coverage
  • Penetrating new markets
  • Unexpected (staff) bottlenecks
  • Crisis and reorganization of projects
  • Assistance in reorganization and restructuring


  • Short-term availability
  • Transparent cost budget
  • Time-limited amplification
  • Use of Best Practice
  • Service contract allows the accurate billing of paid days

Why QRelation Management Team GmbH ?

  • Because we have 4*30 years Aerospace experience
  • Because we have built up a very wide and international network
  • Because we have deep technical understanding in aircraft Technology
  • Because we have senior expertise in international service management
  • Because we take care of the implementation of our tasks, the responsibility on the ground and up to the completion of the work
  • Because we integrate cross-industry knowledge in your Company
  • Because we protect the know -how of our customers (NDA, framework contract, association DDIM)
  • Because we provide a very efficient and flexible organization of your resources management (avoidance of Management overcapacity)


  • from the member

TOTALDIGITAL.AI enables customers to find and maintain the right digital balance

Tobias Schubert, Director Consulting and Digitalisation, QRelation Management Team GmbH

Mastering the rapid transition of technologies in combination with individual use cases within the company – that is the principle behind the...


QRelation Management Team GmbH takes over GMA Engineering GmbH

QRelation Management Team GmbH

On 1 January 2020, the successful takeover of GMA Engineering GmbH by QRelation Management Team GmbH took place.


New management consulting north-south axis established: QRelation Management and PULSAR Consulting Group

QRelation Management Team GmbH

QRelation Management Team GmbH has opened a new sales office in Munich in the premises of PULSAR Consulting.


QRelation Management Team GmbH

QRelation Management Team GmbH
QRelation Management Team GmbH

Contact Person

Dipl.-Ing. Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik Stefan Heinsohn