Paustian airtex GmbH

Paustian airtex GmbH is a company with decades of tradition in the aviation branch. We are a world-wide active, flixible and innovative company, equipped with the latest technology.

Our focus lies in the production of textile products for aircraft cabins. The development, production and certification of the projects include serial and customized production of i.e. seat and wheel chair covers (leather or fabric), curtains, bulkhead coverings, baby-bassinets etc.

  • Our Design Organisation EASA 21J approved round off our spectrum in the Cabin Interior sector. The scope of our services consists of certification of our products and Paustian airtex GmbH produces at a high quality level. We are approved by the EASA as a production company according to EASA 21 G as well as EASA 21 J.
  • The location of Production is in Sörup in Schleswig-Holstein and our Design organisation is in Berlin.


Paustian airtex GmbH

Paustian airtex GmbH
Paustian airtex GmbH
  • Bahnhofstr. 42
  • 24966 Sörup DE
  • +49 04635 - 293020
  • +49 04635 - 293028

Contact Person

Kay Frahm
Managing Director
  • +49 4635 2930-35