Anwaltskanzlei Mittmann provides legal consultancy to companies from the aviation industry, which is precisely tailored to their needs.

Companies from the aviation industry are highly specialised. They act internationally and are often part of a group. Legal consultancy for one of these companies must take these features into account:

  • Contracts with partners are not necessarily subject to German law and often are not even negotiated and concluded in German.
  • The companies' success is based on expertise acquired from experience gained over many years, which has to be protected against unauthorised use by third parties, whether externally or employees.
  • The companies' employees are mostly specialists, who are deployed in various countries.
  • Legal provisions of several states have to be reconciled.

Anwaltskanzlei Mittmann has been advising companies from the aviation industry for many years, in German, English and French, and has many years' experience dealing with the legal matters which these companies face: We manage, negotiate and arrange their international contracts, protect their intellectual property against unauthorised access, monitor compliance with legal requirements when posting employees abroad and advise them when managing tax risks. In addition, we advise often our clients as an "external legal department" in all everyday legal matters.

Legal problems are always urgent. Our clients are therefore entitled to expect us to react to their needs at short notice. We place the greatest value on uncompromising quality. If the solution to a legal problem requires a competence, which we do not have, in consultation with our client we engage highly qualified partners, most of whom we have already been working with confidently for many years. Because we believe: Competence convinces!

Mittmann Anwaltskanzlei

Mittmann Anwaltskanzlei
Mittmann Anwaltskanzlei

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Dr. iur. Alexander Mittmann LLM (London), D.E.A. (Paris)
German lawyer, Avocat à la Cour