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Coating Concepts of the Future

Coating Concepts of the Future
Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG), based in Hamburg, was founded in 1895 and is a leader in the field of solvent borne and water-dilutable high-tech coating systems for industrial series production. Today, Mankiewicz supplies various markets such as mechanical engineering, capital goods, automotive, aviation, railways, medical technology, yachts, etc. with high-quality paint systems. In our own research & development department, all coating systems in all shades, gloss and structure gradations can be developed individually with the customer. More than 1,300 employees worldwide ensure that the "painting concepts of the future" are implemented according to current quality standards. The quality of products and processes is ensured by a quality management system established over many years. Mankiewicz is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, EN 9100, ISO 14001 and successfully audited according to VDA 6.3.
In commercial aviation, all market players such as OEMs, airlines and MROs benefit from Mankiewicz's technical leadership in all three product segments: Cabin interior, exterior and structural parts coatings - naturally with OEM approvals. As far as these are concerned, Mankiewicz has been awarded with the status of "Strategic Supplier" as a global player, providing products for all three product segments.

Product Portfolio
Design and safety in the cabin by ALEXIT FST Interior Coatings
Coating systems for the cabin interior are subject to the strictest safety regulations with regard to flammability, smoke development and toxicity. This is the only way to ensure that passengers are able to leave a burning aircraft in time in an emergency. In the cabin interior sector, Mankiewicz has been supplying its customers for more than 40 years with a complete portfolio ranging from standard primers, fillers and top coats to sophisticated design effects that are even water-based. This enables airlines to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Users benefit from fast drying times and lean processes. All parties involved benefit from the simple reparability of the systems.

BaseCoat/ClearCoat for the high-gloss painting of the aircraft exterior
The outer skin of an aircraft is exposed to above-average stress like hardly any other surface; above all the UV exposure, strong temperature fluctuations, aggressive cleaning agents and kerosene The combination of these stresses often causes exterior coatings to age prematurely and leads to loss of gloss, changes in colour or even delamination. Mankiewicz revolutionized the exterior coatings market with the development of the BaseCoat/ClearCoat system. This brings gloss and colour stability to a maximum and lets more than 3,000 aircraft shine. Many clever products, such as the FlexPrimer, complement the exterior product portfolio and sophisticated application and repair methods ensure short process times and reliable processing. The Wild Spraying method optimizes the already existing process advantages of this fast system.

Reliable corrosion protection for structural components
Structural components of aircraft are often no longer accessible after construction. These paints therefore meet the highest safety requirements. They provide corrosion protection for more than 30 years and thus have a direct influence on passenger safety. Flying is safe thanks to SEEVENAX structural parts paints from Mankiewicz. New materials such as composites create a completely new requirement profile - the complete filler package from Mankiewicz offers the right solution fo  r every surface. 


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Mankiewicz Coatings wins the highest Airbus SQIP Award 2023

The award recognizes the coatings manufacturer for its excellent performance in the "Materials and Parts" category for two consecutive years


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