comfort to lighten jetlag

jetlite developed world’s first holistic and scientifically-proven solution to mitigate jetlag on long-haul flights

through the following key factors:

  • The jetlite-algorithm provides chronobiologically-effective cabin lighting for aircraft, complemented by
  • jetlag-reducing nutrition concepts for airline catering and airport services, as well as
  • personalized suggestions for passengers via an app regarding ideal bedtime, nutrition and light – days ahead of a flight based on personal sleeping rhythm and flight route.

jetlite’s solution covers the whole passenger journey in order to increase passenger health and wellbeing.




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jetlite Taking Off with Vistara’s New Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Fleet

Kooperation von jetlite und Vistara

Starting in March 2020 with the delivery of the first of six new wide-body aircraft, jetlite’s Human Centric Lighting will fly on Vistara’s Boeing...


Etihad Engineering, Schott, Jetlite, and Lufthansa Technik to cooperate on Human-Centric Lighting development

Reducing jet lag and other symptoms of multi-timezone flights to increase passenger well-being



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Contact Person

Dr. Achim Leder
Founder and CEO