spares & customization

Design, production and repair of cabin interior spares and customized parts by EASA Part 21J, 21G and 145

interiorsDIRECT concentrates on the international commercial aviation aftermarket and offers a solution to ensure a stable availability of out-of-production/long-lead items and customized cabin parts to airlines/MRO and completion/conversion centers.

Parts are designed, produced, repaired or finished to customer specification based on certified organizations with long lasting experiences in the field of cabin interiors and EASA qualified processes.

Due to a wide technology portfolio, parts made from plastics, metals or textiles/leather/foam can be sourced from one single source and help to minimize customer’s sourcing costs. Latest qualified technologies as additive manufacturing (3D printing) are applied for production of qualified parts with weight and cost reductions.

The total competence portfolio „interiors“ is complemented by services asked by the market. Industrial design, 3D scanning, repair and overhaul as well as surface finishing or a cabin installation team supports full process capability from idea to delivery.

Customers benefits:

  • Increasing stability and reliability in spares supply
  • On-time realization of specific customization projects including bottle-neck processes
  • Cost reduction in purchasing and aircraft operations
  • Access to a comprehensive experts team via one single interface

The central interiors database “Spares 4.0” allows to prepare intelligent forecasts to further reduce costs. Customers can benefit from other market player’s demands.

interiorsDIRECT’s products are 100% „made in Germany“, output of EASA/DIN certified processes & materials and will be supplied with an EASA Form 1. Transparency throughout the total process is given by a professional project management and information flow to the customer.


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