Heinze Akademie GmbH

Akademie für Technik und Design

The Heinze Academy is a third-generation, state-approved continuing education institute in Hamburg. The academy was founded in 1937 by Harriet Erna Heinze, grandmother of the current owner Jan Heinze.

The academy focuses on professional training in the major industrial sectors such as mechanical engineering, aircraft technology, electrical engineering, mechatronics and construction technology.

It essentially operates four divisions for this purpose:

▪ A state-recognized technical college for engineering in the fields of mechanical engineering, aircraft technology, electrical engineering and civil engineering since the 1970s.

▪ Upgrading qualifications to technical IHK degrees.

▪ An EASA Part-147 accredited training and testing facility for aircraft maintenance personnel

▪ Expert qualifications in industrial transformation topics

The unifying feature in all divisions is the alignment of the curricula with the criteria shown:

▪ The action-oriented, didactic approach, which aims at professional action and problem-solving skills. At Heinze Academy, this competence is called practical intelligence.

The focus on transformation topics, especially developments associated with Industry 4.0 such as robotization, automation and digitization.

The primacy of sustainability in the sense of resource-efficient production in internationally cooperating and circular economic systems. Heinze Akademie is committed to actively incorporating sustainability aspects into its professional contribution to structural change and to making its graduates ambassadors of this approach.



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