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Absolute precision, technical passion and innovative spirit are the attributes of EXAKT. We develop and produce in our factories in Norderstedt near Hamburg highly precise Three Roll Mills and Cutting & Grinding systems “Made in Germany”. Our products and technologies are commonly used in various industries and applications. Chemicals, Pharma, Electronic, Ceramic, Food, Heath Care or Life Science, our systems are in worldwide use in different equipment variants and performance categories in R&D, production and laboratory.

EXAKT Three Roll Mills are commonly used in R&D and production to disperse coatings, inks, pastes, adhesives and resins and many other functional materials. The elimination of oversized particles of a defined size and a narrow particle size distribution are criteria’s which makes the Three Roll Mill unique. In the field of composites, our Three Roll Mills are used to disperse Nano particles, such as CNT, Graphene or any other particle to design specific material characteristics, into the resins used to produce Prepregs, a very important basic material for the production of composites.

EXAKT Cutting & Grinding technology is amongst others used to make informative cross cuts or thin sections for visual or light microscopic examination of new materials and composites. For research, quality management of industrial production or damage analysis, sample preparation with our systems allows immediate assessment of complex components and their structures without having to carry out additional grinding or polishing steps.



EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH

EXAKT Advanced Technologies GmbH
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