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Aviation Industry Personnel SERVICES GmbH is a placement service for engineers and aviation specialists in the fields of technology, commercial operations and administration.

  • Competence, flexibility and reliability - these and similar principles are the foundation on which a customer-centric service provider in the area of personnel management builds its business.
  • The capability of assigning qualified specialists at the right time exactly when they are needed is an invaluable advantage, especially in view of the fluctuations in capacity utilisation typical of modern companies.

AIP-SERVICES places specialists of outstanding qualifications with aviation companies and trained employees from all related fields. An experienced, customer-centric service provider with full awareness of our responsibility, we select exclusively highly-qualified and highly motivated employees.

One of our further targets is to raise the level of quality as a competitive factor, so AIP-SERVICES collaborates with the Technical College Heinze and the AERO-Bildung in Oberpfaffenhofen to offer tailored qualification services and advanced training courses. This is how we pave the way to satisfying our customers' needs more effectively, enabling us to respond more quickly to changes on the market. Applicants profit from the acquisition of skills now in demand, expand the scope of their knowledge and enhance their opportunities on the labour market.

When your company is a partner of AIP-Services, you stay flexible and maintain your ability to perform at a high level. You can be confident that your planning and quality levels are secure. Qualified personnel are available for assignments immediately and can be utilised precisely as you need them. This reduces costs and helps you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Meeting the requirements of companies and people on a market of accelerating dynamics is a tremendous commitment.

Honesty, trust and satisfaction - these and similar values are the fundamental pillars of a sustained and successful business relationship. Our goal is to reconcile successfully the high regard for our employees and the requirements of our customers. We accept social responsibility for our employees out of a sense of conviction and offer our customers security in handling all of their future personnel questions.

Aviation Industry Personnel SERVICES GmbH

AIP Services
Aviation Industry Personnel SERVICES GmbH

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