AERTEC Solutions GmbH

AERTEC Solutions GmbH

Aeronautical vocation

Consultants and engineers specialised in aeronautics

AERTEC Solutions is an international engineering and consultancy specialised in aeronautics. It was founded in 1997 and today carries out activities in the aviation sector, the aeronautical industry and aerospace & defence systems.

Our project references cover more than 160 airports across more than 40 countries on five continents. We are the most aeronautical of airport consultancy, design and engineering firms.

We are currently a Tier 1 supplier for Airbus Group for manufacturing engineering services and programme management for their commercial and military aircraft. We also participate in the world’s largest aerospace programmes, such as the Beluga, the A380, the A350XWB, the A400M, A320 or A330MRTT, among others.

AERTEC Solutions designs aerospace systems for aircraft, unmanned aerial platforms and high dynamic vehicles, both for commercial and for military use. Our products include lightweight tactical RPAS vehicles, designed in-house with our own technology. These products include TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25, for observation and surveillance missions.

Our workforce is made up of 650 professional aeronautics experts, with offices in Spain, the UK, Germany, Colombia and the United States.



Specialist services for airports

Our experience with international airports has provided us with the technical knowledge needed to take on bigger and more complex challenges, while still offering all the right guarantees. But at AERTEC Solutions we offer something more than just technical knowledge. Our multidiscipline workforce is capable of integrating all the relevant aspects of a project within a single but diverse organisation, therefore allowing us to provide bespoke solutions designed exactly to the requirements of all the main players in the airport sector.

We understand an airport as a space for people, both at their origin and their destination. A place that should not only inspire confidence and comfort in travellers, but should also guarantee safe and fast operations. Our involvement and our innovative systems contribute to the generation of a more natural and pleasant airport user experience.



Engineering Services

The Aerospace industry is characterised by long lead times, large investments and high technological content. These variables affect all key players and their decisions, therefore the need for expert solutions has become a fundamental requirement.

Companies involved in this sector need to understand the big picture and have the capabilities to bring value as OEMs, or at any stage in the supply chain.

AERTEC Solutions is currently a Tier 1 supplier for Airbus Group for manufacturing engineering services and programme management in the world’s largest aerospace programmes, such as the A350XWB, the A400M, A320 or A330MRTT, among others.


A&D Systems

Design and development of aerospace and defence systems

Improvisation is not an option in aeronautics. Everything has to be designed and tested in thousands of different circumstances and its reliability demonstrated. AERTEC Solutions’ Aerospace and Defence Systems Division has addressed the requirement of technological reliability by focusing both on the functionality of the solutions designed with its in-house technology as well as on aircraft systems test infrastructure.

We are in charge of specifying, developing, manufacturing and providing support to aeronautical systems (both embedded and ground support systems), in addition to creating software and integrating it into automated test and maintenance systems.

We have our own centre measuring 1500 square metres, which is fully equipped with real-time development environments to carry out the design, implementation and validation of both prototypes and limited series products. It is located at the “Aerópolis” Aeronautics Park in Seville, Spain.

The depth of our knowledge about aerospace systems and our extensive experience in systems engineering are the pillars upon which our offering in technological development and production in the aerospace area is based. They also ensure we are an outstanding choice for both civil and defence platforms.



Solutions for observation and surveillance

AERTEC Solutions designs unmanned aerial platforms and high-dynamic vehicles for both the civil and military spheres. AERTEC has built light tactical RPAS (like the TARSIS 75 and TARSIS 25) for observation and surveillance applications, using its own in-house design and technology.

AERTEC Solutions GmbH

AERTEC Solutions GmbH

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