Aerospace Consulting

  • Implementation and upgrade of QM systems according to EN 9100 series (EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9120)

  • Implementation and upgrade of official QM systems according to EASA Part 21G, 21J und 145

  • Consulting service and support regarding the observance of compulsary data protection provisions

  • Implementation of QM measures regarding supplier chain and supplier agreements / contract management

  • Support regarding the optainment of ETSO approvals

  • Preparations for LBA qualifiing examinations

  • Trainings on above mentioned subjects

  • Internal and supplier audits

AeroImpulse is one of a few consulting firms specialized in aerospace quality and process management.

We advise companies and train their top managers, quality managers and employees in all aspects of of quality management, EN 9100-series certifications and EASA approvals. An excellent industry knowhow and methodological expertise enables AeroImpulse to work closely with its customers to develop useful, everyday quality management solutions. Based in Hamburg, AeroImpulse supports small and medium enterprises throughout Europe as well as international corporations that are peripherally or completely anchored in the aerospace industry.



Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Martin Hinsch