Medical drone transport — made in Hamburg

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are genuine value propositions in many fields. Within the „Medifly Hamburg“ project, partners from the metropolitan region address the question as to how UAS can be safely deployed for the transport of medical items. Test flights are being conducted between hospitals, in urban airspace both inside and outside the control area of a commercial airport.

  • Can the transport time be reduced in comparison to road journeys with emergency sirens?
  • Can flights be safely integrated into existing urban air traffic?

The focus is on the regulatory and technical implementation, but also on support from the public.

Reducing transport time when every second counts

Every day, operations take place where it is essential to take a tissue sample from a patient and examine it during the operation. The pathological laboratories, however, are mostly not at the same location. This means that the tissue samples have to be brought to the laboratories by emergency vehicle or taxi. Valuable time is lost, and the patient spends this time under anaesthesia. This is just one application area where the use of drones can make a substantial difference. In the future, urgently required medication or blood for transfusions can be quickly and safety transported by drone.

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Reducing road traffic

The transportation of critical tissue from hospital to laboratory is often time-consuming and results in additional traffic on the roads. Airborne drones are not affected by traffic jams and reach their destination much more quickly. Medifly can reduce transport traffic on the roads, making a contribution to sustainable urban traffic and logistics.

“What’s that up in the sky?”

A project from Hamburg for the people.

The focus of this Hamburg project goes beyond the regulatory and technical implementation to involve the population. Find out about the project and ask your questions. At participatory events, we take note of your feedback. Further information and dates are available online at

Where will the journey take us?

All the latest information and news about the project:

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Medical drone transport — made in Hamburg
We are Medifly Hamburg.

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