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The Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training

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Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training (HCAT) is the platform for skills transfer within the cluster Hamburg Aviation.


As a consortium of authorities, universities, education and training institutions, commercial associations and companies, the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training – Lab (HCAT+) e.V. , established in 2015, coordinates personnel and qualification activities in the Hamburg Aviation cluster by identifying existing training opportunities and future needs for new forms of training for companies in the aviation industry. With joint projects, HCAT+ is maintaining the vocational and academic educational competence of Hamburg as a center of aviation. Its programs such as DigiNet.Air support small and medium-sized enterprises in the Metropolitan Region in particular in the area of sustainable personnel development. HCAT+ is funded by the Department of Economic Affairs, Transport and Innovation (BWVI).

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HCAT building

The laboratories and workshops in the Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training building are jointly used by Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, the G15 Vocational School, Airbus and Lufthansa Technical Training. The immediate interaction between teaching, research and practice mean that qualification programmes are attuned to current and future needs of the industry.

The focus of academic teaching is in the field of cabins and cabin systems, vocational and in-service training focus on the areas of avionics/electronics, modern manufacturing processes and new materials.

HCAT+ projects include:

  • DigiNet.Air
    Digital Learning Network to develop digital education and training programmes, training methods using new technologoies such as virtual reality, and new fields of business. The essential goal of DigiNet.Air is to support suppliers as they undertake digital transformation; this is done with new formats and content that combine to create a sustainable exchange of knowledge and technology between the education/training and commercial spheres. Virtual project laboratories, a training workshop, “Work and Learning 4.0”, and a physical “TechShop 4.0” allow companies and their employees to try out digital processes.
  • BOSO
    The “Career Orientation Aviation” project gives students “hands-on experience of aviation”: they can look into typical tasks from aviation career paths and into career areas in the respective companies, paving their ways into a future profession in aerospace.

Your Way Into Aviation

Vocational Training OPTIONS IN HAMBURG (German only)

YOUR WAY INTO AVIATION: VOCATIONAL TRAINING OPTIONS IN HAMBURG (German only) - cc-by © HCAT+ [hcatplus.de/dein-weg-in-der-luftfahrt/]
The aviation industry offers many career opportunities in aviation. Whether students / in, trainees / r, students / r or professionals / r - in the interactive graphics you'll find the HCAT + e.V. the right training program for you, depending on what point in the educational chain you're just re currently. You have not made up your mind which way you want to pursue your career? A number of projects in the transitions of the education chain give you guidance and support you on your way. (Graphics and information in German)


The interactive overview of training programs can be accessed via the link www.hcatplus.de/dein-weg-in-der-luftfahrt (only in German). There, a click on the aircraft open another menu to the numerous training programs of the aviation location Hamburg.