Aviation Research Network Hamburg

The Aviation Research Network Hamburg, abbreviated in German as FoLuHH,

supports the marketing of the ZAL TechCenter as a cooperative research and technology platform, organizes networking and events, and initiates R&T alliances and projects for industrial, university and SME partners. FoLuHH is thus promoting Open Innovation between the TechCenter’s resident OEMs, suppliers, technology partners, research institutes and innovation partners as well as numerous external companies and organizations. The diverse event formats include:

  • specialist events such as the ZAL Discourse, with three expert speakers followed by a panel discussion and the opportunity for networking and conversation. So far, there were Discourse events on the topics of Fuel Cells, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Industry 4.0, Cabins, Acoustics & Vibration, MRO 4.0 and Air & Power.
  • The X meets Aviation series of events, designed to reveal synergies across industry boundaries in a World Café format. There were five events in the series so far, themed Creativity meets Aviation, Digital Industry meets Aviation and Flexible Electrics meets Aviation.
  • The ZAL Science Slam, with spirited engineers and scientists competing to win over the audience with knowledge and humor in a limited time.

Subject-specific networking

drones in metropolitan areas

The WiNDroVe project project is focused on the commercial use of drones in metropolitan regions.

The goal of the network is to analyse and further shape the framework for commercial deployment of so-called unmanned aerial systems.

The network is a pioneer in its field in Germany.