A seminar with all the fundamentals you need to work in aviation

Hamburg Aviation, in cooperation with Lufthansa Technical Training, offers you a beginner's seminar in civil aviation. In a group of up to twelve people, you will gain fascinating insights into civil aviation, packed into an informative one-day seminar. This is followed on Day 2 and 3 by "The Basics of Aviation Technology", offering insights into the basic design and complexity of commercial aircraft.

Content, Day 1:

    Basics of international aviation law
    The worldwide valid aviation alphabet
    Meaning and origin of the letter codes
    Characteristics and differences of some aircraft types
    Runway systems
    Ground processes and pre- and post-flight preparation
    Fuel calculation and determining weight and centre of gravity
    Pilot tasks during taxiing, take-off, cruise and landing

Advantages of the TAKE OFF seminar

    Understanding of basic processes and complexities in aviation
    Understanding the importance and the necessary and reliable cooperation of organisations
    Understanding international aviation law standards
    Correct application of civil aviation terminology

Content, Day 2 and 3:

    Overview of maintenance topics under aviation law
    Basic structural design
    Cabin / cabin systems
    Flight controls
    Landing gear and hydraulics
    Fuel system
    Air conditioning, air supply
    Doors & emergency slides
    Electrics / Avionics
    Maintenance concepts
    Practical part on site

Advantages of the seminar Basic knowledge of aeronautical engineering

    Understand and recognise basic design elements of commercial aircraft and their complexity
    Recognise the interaction and importance of systems, equipment and other important components
    Introduction to maintenance concepts
    Discussion of general aeronautical engineering topics

Times: 08-10 February 2023, optional 09-10 February 2023

Location: Lufthansa Technical Training, Weg beim Jäger 193, 22335 Hamburg, Germany

Target group: All interested employees and managers without aviation-related training.

Prerequisites: None



Members of Hamburg Aviation:

TAKE OFF + Basic knowledge of aviation technology (3-day course): 770,00 EURO*.

Basic knowledge of aeronautical engineering (2-day course): 650,00 EURO*.


TAKE OFF + Basic knowledge of aeronautical engineering (3-day course): 890,00 EURO*

Basic knowledge of aeronautical engineering (2-day course): 770,00 €* plus 19% VAT.


Teaching methods

The content is taught interactively in simple terms and using clear examples. Participants receive detailed training material and a certificate of attendance. There will be no examination.

We look forward to receiving your registration on the attached reply form.

If you have any questions, please contact Maike Klindt.