Hamburg Aviation Green – Introducing “60 Minutes Forward” 

With sustainability becoming a more and more dominating factor, aviation is set to change fundamentally. But how to prepare for a future that doesn’t go by today’s rules and experiences? 

In our new Hamburg Aviation Green series “60 Minutes Forward”, we showcase inspirational examples from both aerospace and related industries for thinking outside the box, and finding new approaches and solutions. 

Featured in the upcoming “60 Minutes Forward” session on Thursday, 15 April: 

1) Florian Berghausen, DZ-4: “How to Disrupt an Industry – Successfully Entering the B2B-Driven Energy Market with a B2C-Driven Business Model for Solar Power” 

2) Roelof Vos, Delft University: “Why Rethinking Aviation from A to Z Leads to V – What Delft’s Flying V Study is All About”  


The Registration can be found HERE

For further inquiries please contact Katharina Bley, 0173 182 87 98, . 


We are looking forward to the event with you and send our best regards to 

the Hamburg Aviation Office