4. Airbus Pitch Session: Direct access to Airbus procurement und supply chain managers!

Win one of fifteen coveted pitch slots at the 4th Airbus Pitch Session! Hosted at AIX on 7 June 2023, this exclusive event offers you a forum to pitch directly to Airbus procurement and supply chain managers. Organised by Hamburg Aviation in cooperation with Airbus and ADS (UK), the Airbus Pitch Session is a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression on Airbus with your company, product, technology or service.

This is the fourth time we have been able to offer this event to the Hamburg aviation community exclusively for member companies of Hamburg Aviation, Hanse-Aerospace, HECAS, ZAL and HCAT+. For the pitch session in 2023, innovations on the topic of Sustainable Cabin and Cargo are again sought in the following segments:

Sustainable innovation for future passenger experience:

Cabin innovations that not only reduce environmental impact (e.g. reduced reliance on single use plastics, more efficient energy consumption, and improved cabin operations planning through data intelligence) but also to enhance the customer experience through innovative design and visuals (e.g. overt use of recycled or renewable materials), thus positively impacting perceptions of sustainability in the cabin. Design innovation should seek to do more with less while increasing passenger comfort. 

Digitalization of cabin and cargo towards sustainability: 

Digitalization to not only reduce the environmental impact of the cabin and cargo (e.g. waste reduction, energy efficiency, and operational planning) but to positively impact passengers’ perceptions of sustainability by encouraging passenger engagement and active participation (e.g. individual contribution to carbon neutrality, energy efficiency tracking, communication on innovation, pre-flight planning inputs) 

Circularity for cabin and cargo: 

For this topic, we expect successful products for cabin or cargo. The level of maturity expected for the topics presented here is higher. We need circular product loops or businesses that support the recyclability of products but with real outcomes. Real-world business cases are expected. 


Applications must be submitted via the provided Word document by 31 March 2023 by email to francine.schulzhamburg-aviation.com. You can download the form here:

>Download Form<

These are then forwarded to Airbus Toulouse (Procurement Cabin Strategy) for selection of a maximum of 15 entries. Of these, 7 slots are reserved for members of Hamburg Aviation and its partners. For each pitch, a timeslot of 3 min. is scheduled, followed by a Q&A.

More information

Questions? Feel free to contact Francine Schulz francine.schulz@hamburg-aviation.com, 040 227019-809. 

Please note:

Please ensure that submissions do not contain confidential information that is not approved for external viewing. Neither the Hamburg Aviation Office nor the ADS Group will take responsibility for the content of submissions. The submitted files will only be viewable by the ADS Group organisers and the Hamburg Aviation Office before they are subsequently forwarded to Airbus.  

We look forward to your participation!