The audit for digitizing your company

Digital transformation is on everyone's lips. It is well known that successful digitalization leads to efficiency increase and cost reduction. But how digital is your company? Where are you already using your full potential and how can you reach the next level of digitalization? What does it take?

We invite you to find answers to these questions in the Digi.Audit.

The digitalization audit

  • for your company:

The Digi.Audit is based on the project DIMLA - Digitalization and Internationalization Maturity Level in Aerospace. In the DIMLA project, an international team consisting of research institutions, aerospace experts, and SME representatives developed a maturity matrix that enables a digital maturity level for SMEs based on 12 dimensions of business processes. The maturity matrix is based on a scientifically developed KPI analysis, which was developed with German-Canadian project partners into a model adapted for aviation SMEs.  The Aéro Montréal's MACH initiative served as benchmark. The MACH initiative promotes the aerospace supply chain and has been successfully implemented since 2011. Aéro Montréal played a key role in the development of the maturity model. Therefore, its content is internationally comparable.

Tagueri AG

The audits are carried out by our project partner Tagueri AG. This partner has experienced more than 20 years of consulting in over 1500 successfully implemented projects in the technology sector. Especially in the aerospace sector, Tagueri AG has an excellent network, long-standing partnerships within the entire supply chain as well as contact with political decision-makers. Thus, Tagueri AG possesses the necessary competencies, skills, and sensitivity for the needs-based assessment and prioritization of recommendations for action for digitalization processes in the aviation industry - especially for SMEs.

Maturity Matrix

In the developed audit, the digital maturity level of your company is determined in 12 dimensions. These dimensions combine, on the one hand, the analysis of the digitization processes within the basic operational functions as well as in their interaction but also the decisive areas of activity of manufacturing aerospace companies to provide a holistic picture of the level of digital maturity for SMEs in this sector. The following dimensions form the framework of the maturity model:

  • Business Strategy & Governance
  • Smart Portfolio & Customer Services
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Digital Security & Compliance
  • Finance
  • Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • IT & Software Tools
  • Digital Data
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Digitization of internal value chains
  • Digitization of external value chains

For these 12 dimensions, 5 maturity levels are derived (1 - 5). Companies that have not implemented any digitalization measures at all or only to a limited extent are at level 1. On the other hand, there is level 5 with the successful implementation of comprehensive digitization processes and measures in all areas.
During the audit, your company is analyzed in all dimensions, and its level of digital maturity is determined. Based on this, a detailed technological roadmap with recommendations for improving the level of digitization is developed.


What is the benefit of the Digi.Audit?

  • You will receive a holistic assessment of your company's level of digitalization.
  • The recommendations that are derived show you the prioritized potential for improvement that will adjust your digitization level in line with your needs.
  • The realization of the recommendations for action is compatible with the new Hamburg Digital funding program.

The DIMLA project was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). On the German side the consortium consisted of the partners Hamburg Aviation e.V., Süderelbe AG, Tagueri AG, Hanse-Aerospace e.V., Hamburg University of Technology (Institute of Logistics and Corporate Management) and DLR. Canadian partners were Aéro Montréal, École de technologie supérieure, APN and Siemens.
You will find a first impression of the audit questionnaire on dimlapp.de.

If you wish to participate the Digi.Audit, you would like to receive information on pricing or if you have any questions, please contact the following persons.

Offer at a glance

  • The Digi.Audit offer comprises the following components:

Preliminary meeting, Audit / Workshop, Follow-up meeting, Deliverables

Audit concept

Audit concept
Konzept des Audits

Time Frame

The Digi.Audit requires approximately 14 working hours for the participating SME. The preliminary meeting serves to clarify open questions, coordinate the processes, and identify suitable contact persons. The focus is the implementation of the audit, i.e. answering the questions of the maturity model. For this purpose, the audit questions will be discussed with all necessary contact persons (also online conduction is possible). Approximately 5 working days after the last audit appointment, the results will be presented to you. With the help of the created roadmap, you can plan and implement further steps toward digital transformation.