Zweigrad industrial design celebrates 20 years as a successful design studio

2022 marked the founding year of zweigrad Industrial Design, a successful Hamburg-based design studio with the vision of holistically designing emotion and technology, form and function, design solutions and strategies.

From the very beginning, zweigrad wanted to understand everything from the ground up and from all perspectives - by listening carefully and talking to all stakeholders. For 20 years, zweigrad has been bringing the different disciplines together to address all senses in workshops and to promote creative exchange. For zweigrad, this means the beauty of understanding. From strategy to realisation in a comprehensive, timely process, creating design solutions that combine style with everyday practicality, competence with brand strength.

This design journey of zweigrad is not at least also the success of close collaborations, mutual trust in partners, customers and teamwork paired with the courage to break new ground. So zweigrad will continue to be curious, enthusiastic, and courageous in 2023 to remain dynamic and evolve in the future. Happy 2023!