New solutions for the mobility revolution were in demand. zweigrad developed an innovative concept for a flexible bicycle carriage for the DB Regio idea train as well as fundamentally new toilet layout.

Transport companies are faced with the challenge of having to offer more bicycle parking spaces for commuters and leisure travellers without having to sacrifice capacity and comfort for passenger transport. Sustainable mobility concepts use the advantages of different means of transport and combine them. With flexible bicycle carriages, it is possible to react to the respective requirements of the passengers. Comfortable seats can be converted into bicycle stands in a few simple steps. Well thought-out design creates orientation, helps to guide user groups, and avoid conflicts.

Additionally, Evac, Krüger Aviation and zweigrad worked together on how they can make train travel more pleasant and completely rethought the sanitary area on trains. Focus was the user experience and passenger hygiene while implementing a fundamentally new toilet layout – a separate urinal with the wash basin located in the aisle for higher usage rates to improve hygiene. Carefully selected and well-matched light materials (wood, leather, high-quality wool fabrics) combined with warm lighting underline the sustainability claims of DB Regio. All user interactions are touchless. Additional integrated disinfection dispensers ensure a high level of hygiene. Passenger safety is improved by various types of feedback on the display integrated into the mirror.

via: zweigrad GmbH & Co. KG