HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility) awarded start-up sponsorship which VecCtor GmbH won 09-13-2019 and will be now resident in new offices at Frankfurt airport starting January 2020.

HOLM is a networking node to economic, science and society to find new solutions pertaining future topics, processes of creativity and innovations in the areas of logistics and mobility.

Thus, HOLM supports innovative ideas and business concepts by awarding annual start-up sponsorship to selected start-ups. Participating start-ups have to convince the jury by presenting innovative concepts and second to none ideas. The jury consists of leading representatives of politics, science, economics and HOLM. The presented solutions ought to be convincing in solving the current and upcoming problems of the steadily increasing transportation of passengers and cargo in logistic and mobility industry.  

In 2019 VecCtor GmbH has been awarded the sponsorship for its digital HUB SER.Gate and VecCtor’s holistic approach to digitalisation of company’s key processes based on SER.Gate.

SER.Gate is a data warehouse and data lake linking all software and resources involved in the company’s key processes among each other for process optimisation and digitisation. A variety of different tools for digitisation are supporting the digital HUB e.g.:

  • digital analytics of sensor data coming from buildings, machines, vehicles, aircrafts, etc.
  • digital workforce and asset management,
  • digital planning and documentation,
  • a digital document and a business process management system,
  • digital forms, etc.

The start-up sponsorship gives VecCtor among others 2 years office space at HOLM in close proximity to Frankfurt airport and the resident logistic and aviation companies at the airport. This enables VecCtor to present the award-winning digitisation solutions directly to these companies and all partner companies of HOLM.

VecCtor’s holistic approach to digitalisation represents an important part of solving the current and future challenges in logistics and aviation to use the more and more limited resources in an optimal and environmentally friendly way.