On 26th and 27th of August the 5th Air Cargo Conference will take place in the HOLM in Frankfurt. During this conference VecCtor GmbH will present its new Business Continuity Solution to contain infectious diseases like Covid-19 to the aviation community.

No other topic is currently of more importance to the entire aviation industry than Covid-19. But a solution to this problem as well as regaining the trust of passengers in aviation is nowhere to be seen. VecCtor GmbH is the winner of the HOLM start-up award and will be one of the key-speakers at the 5th Air Cargo Conference to introduce its new approach which can be part of the solution.

VecCtor integrated its new Covid-19 Business Continuity Solution into its digital Aviation HUB SER.GateTM. This solution will be among others presented at the virtual pitch-event of Dubai Future Foundation in cooperation with Aviation X Lab. VecCtor claims that its solution will be only one part of the strongly required digital transformation of the entire aviation industry. The digital transformation must have the aim to make air travel not only more environmentally compatible but also safer and at the same time more convenient for all involved as well as a more service and experience orientated for the passengers.

Therefor VecCtor provides a wide variety of digital tools which will not only digitises and automatise all key-processes of e.g. airports but will also optimise all processes and will safe time, money and resources and will enable frictionless workflows for all participants.

The security and convenience of all travellers have to be the centre of all efforts, not only during Corona times. Aviation has to become an experience in which the people can have full faith again!