On the 4th of June 2019 VecCtor GmbH has been awarded the DIGITAL CHAMPIONS AWARD NORTH in Hamburg. VecCtor won in the category “Digital Processes and Organisation“. The AWARD has been granted by the Telekom and the Wirtschaftswoche.

The DIGITAL CHAMPOINS AWARD (DCA) is the most important interbranch award pertaining digitisation offered annually since 2018 by the Telekom and the Wirtschaftswoche under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

The DIGITAL X preliminary rounds for the DCA are conducted in the regions North, West, East, Midwest, Southwest and South to support the regional economies in digitisation.

The awards are granted in the following categories:

  • Digital Products and Services
  • Digital Processes and Organisation
  • Digital Customers Experience
  • Digital Transformation small and medium-sized Businesses

VecCtor GmbH has been granted the award on 4th of June in Hamburg in the category “Digital Processes and Organisation” for its holistic concept of digitisation.

Basis of VecCtors integrated digitisation concept is VecCtors digital hub SER.Gate (service gateway) which works as a data warehouse and data lake collecting, aggregating and distributing all company data.

The data of all company software are collected where applicable via individually programmed interfaces/API in the data warehouse SER.Gate. By data laking SER.Gate generates new sets of data providing additional information and uses and will distribute theses data to all users in the company´s network according to their accreditation.

VecCtors provides DNA (Data Nimbus Awareness) too, a proprietaryt developed software to use SER.Gate data for fully digital alarm / asset / order / facility / fleet / building (BIM) / customer (CRM) / HR / resources (ERP) / workforce / workflow management.

DNA is assisted by digital forms containing a legally binding, biometric signature certified in EU and US, by an integrated Document Management System according to the Principles for Duly Maintaining, Keeping and Storing Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access, as provided by the German tax authorities (GoBD) and an integrated, digital Business Process Management for further process optimisation and to enable paperless work.

VecCtor can also assist its customers with Augmented and Virtual Reality to support order fulfilment and training of employees as well as provide Predictive Maintenance on customers demand to optimise all processes of service and maintenance.

All data and connections will be provided by SER.Gate and DNA will monitor all tasks and processes.

This holistic concept convinced the jury of top-ranking business and science representatives who enabled VecCtor to participate in the national contest by granting the award for digital processes and organisation to VecCtor.