The U-Space Reallabor Hamburg, implemented in 2021 by Droniq GmbH and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH, has received the "Innovationspreis Reallabore". The reallab demonstrated for the first time how a U-Space can function in practice.

The Reallabor Hamburg is one of the ten winners of this year's "Innovationspreis Reallabore". The award, which was announced for the second time this year, is presented by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK). The aim of the innovation award is to make reallabs visible, to honor innovative ideas and to encourage new reallabs.

Jury selects from more than 100 applicants
A high-profile jury of experts chaired by Dr. Anna Christmann, MdB, the German government's coordinator for German aerospace, selected the competition's winning projects. More than 100 start-ups, companies, associations and research institutions throughout Germany submitted their projects for the nationwide award. With the real lab, which was funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV), Droniq and DFS demonstrated for the first time how the EU's U-Space concept works in practice. From 2023, so-called drone airspaces (U-Space) can be established in Europe. Through these areas, drones can be safely and efficiently integrated into the airspace - also in interaction with manned aviation. This enables regular use of drones, for example in logistics, agriculture or the medical sector. Droniq and DFS handed over the findings gathered during the real-life laboratory as recommendations for action. The BMDV is using these to develop a concept for the establishment of U-Space areas throughout Germany.

"Next development of the drone market"
"As Droniq, it is our ambition not only to accompany the future of the drone market, but also to actively shape it and develop it further through new approaches," says Droniq CEO JanEric Putze. "With the reallab, we were able to show what one of the next development stages of the drone market looks like. We are very pleased to have been trusted to implement this project on behalf of unmanned aviation." "Unmanned aviation is an important component of future air traffic," added Arndt Schoenemann, Chairman of the DFS Board of Managing Directors. "In order to integrate it safely into the existing Press Release_U-Space Reallabor receives Innovation Award 2/3 air traffic, we have combined our experience from manned aviation with innovative technological solutions as part of the Reallabor. In addition to drones, we will also see significant developments in other fields of increasingly autonomous aviation in the coming years. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this."

You can watch the winning film about the U-Space Reallabor Hamburg here.

For more information on the reallab, visit the project website at.

via: Droniq