The subsidiary company of the TU Hamburg has been successful in the technology transfer market for 30 years.

1992 stands for the founding date of a then unique privately organized company out of the TU Hamburg. In contrast to the transfer offices common at that time as a department or unit of a university, TUTECH was very consciously conceived as a powerful, small company that covered three fields of activity: technology and innovation transfer out of the TU Hamburg; consulting services for researchers at the TUHH internally and consulting services for industry and business, from large companies to small SMEs or even startups or those interested in founding a company; and the third pillar of the portfolio was the promotion of startups out of the Technical University of Hamburg. The move from the TU Hamburg campus to Harburg's inland port in 1995 not only set an example, but at the same time initiated a development task for an entire neighborhood.

The current key figures alone illustrate the successful history of the company: over 11,000 research contracts, EU projects and scientific commissions, over 41,000 participants in workshops and seminars, more than 200 active "patent families".

Among the first major projects were topics in biotechnology: In 1993, a large Europe-wide biotechnology project was launched, involving more than 30 partners. TUTECH took over the coordination so successfully that soon more and larger European network projects were added. At the same time, the first start-up activities were already taking place at TUTECH: small start-up companies were successfully founded out of the TUHH and located around TUTECH in what is now Channel Hamburg (formerly: Channel Harburg). One of the first startups, Bentekk, for example, developed sensors for gas analysis to detect hazardous substances used by fire departments. And just recently, the startup traceless was awarded the German Founder's Prize - for developing a compostable plastic substitute from agricultural residues. These activities demonstrate the TU Hamburg's claim, namely to develop technology directly for the benefit of people and society. The successful projects also included very extensive work on applied climate research. Here, too, TUTECH already formed the spearhead for current problem solutions from the basic research of the TU Hamburg.

Today, TUTECH is successfully active in four fields:

- Research management with research cooperations, funding consulting, technology scouting and consulting,
- IP management with market and state of the art research, the management and exploitation of intellectual property rights, inventor and start-up consulting, and with the Patentverwertungsagentur Hamburg in the field of marketing research via patents,
- in the area of competence development and consulting, there is the EU Office of the TU Hamburg, the Enterprise Europe Network, the TUTECH ACADEMY as well as the areas of internationalization / international relations,
- in start-up support is the initial consulting & start-up assistance, the co-working space & incubator, training & coaching as well as consulting for corporate financing.

"TUTECH is a uniquely successful instrument of technology transfer. Numerous company founders have started their way into self-employment from TUHH with TUTECH. With the help of TUTECH, networks from science and industry could be initiated and successfully implemented on a national and European level. In countless industrial projects, researchers TUHH and TUTECH successfully combined their expertise. 30 years of TUTECH are 30 years of success. We warmly congratulate on the anniversary and thank the employees and the management for their successful work for the benefit of TU Hamburg, for the benefit of the other affiliated universities in Hamburg and for the benefit of industry and the economy in Hamburg", TU President Andreas Timm-Giel acknowledges TUTECH's birthday.

Looking back, TUTECH, with its location in Harburg's inland port, has promoted and continues to promote the development of the entire South Elbe region. The promotion and management of structural change in the region as one of the founding tasks of the Technical University of Hamburg has its living and tangible proof here. Today, the Binnenhafen district is one of the pearls of Hamburg's inner-city development. Business and industry are located next to residential buildings, small and large technology companies and startups reside there. Living, doing business and researching in this quarter show how modern urban spaces can be created that form an attractive environment for innovation. TUTECH has also developed spatially - from its original location at Schellerdamm 4, to Harburger Schlossstraße 6-12 - today the Startup Port startup center of TU Hamburg, TUTECH and Hamburg Innovation - and the current "Goldfisch" location at Blohmstraße 20. In addition, there is the intensive local networking activity, which also includes the Tempowerk (formerly hit-Technologiepark) via the TU Hamburg location - and the commitments in the business association for the south of Hamburg and in the newly created Harburg Marketing association.

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