Treo tests products and components for quality, reliability and safety. The state-of-the-art laboratories specialise in all aviation qualification tests for equipment, components and materials. The new lab equipment will enhance EMC testing according to the Airbus ABD 0100 standard.


Treo is an accredited test laboratory offering testing in the areas of environmental simulation, material testing, electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The laboratory supports manufacturers throughout the development process through to final qualification testing of their devices.

Aviation is one of Treo’s key focuses, and the testing laboratory has particular expertise in this field. During flight operations, aircraft components and equipment are exposed to a variety of hazards, for example lightning strikes, short circuits or electromagnetic influences from power cables (inductive coupling). With its EMC tests, Treo has for many years been successfully supporting customers along their path to airworthiness qualification.

Now, Treo has expanded the testing equipment in its EMC laboratory. With the aid of advanced instruments, Treo’s experts not only test the resistance of components and devices to voltage spikes according to RTCA/DO-160, but are also able to comply with the more comprehensive specifications of Airbus ABD 0100 during testing.

With the new EMC testing facilities, Treo is even better positioned to support the aviation sector, now and in the future. At Treo, manufacturers and developers benefit from a comprehensive range of services from a single source.

via: Treo