Mastering the rapid transition of technologies in combination with individual use cases within the company – that is the principle behind the ‘TotalDigital’ ecosystem from QRelation Management Team GmbH.

Acclaimed for customised project solutions dovetailing leadership skills in top management positions of production- and technology-intensive sectors, the QRelation Management Team helps customers gain maximum benefit from the digitalisation of their entire supply chains using a value-based approach.

Thanks to the ‘TotalDigital’ ecosystem complemented by the know-how of providers of digital services/platforms, location intelligence and big data (BI, CI), QRelation is uniquely positioned to offer the ultimate customised solutions. No matter how specific the assignment scenarios, the customer is able to draw upon and integrate the cumulative knowledge of specialists, start-ups and established IT companies right from the concept phase. Under the guidance of QRelation Management Team GmbH, an appropriate team of solution providers optimally chosen for the customer develops the ideal digital solution, which is then integrated into the corporate processes in cooperation with the customer – and always carefully tailored to the specific company situation. Not only does QRelation handle selection of the qualified partners, overall management is also firmly in the experienced hands of the QRelation specialists. An out-and-out guarantee for efficient execution!