Korean low-cost carrier Eastar Jet has contracted Lufthansa Technik AG to supply components for its new fleet of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

With currently six aircraft on order, Eastar Jet will receive its first two 737 MAX by the end of 2018, with the remaining four aircraft following in mid-2019.

Similar to the support for the airline's Boeing 737NG fleet, the new Total Component Support (TCS®) agreement includes component maintenance as well as spare parts leasing through a component pool at Eastar Jet's headquarters at Gimpo International Airport in Seoul.

Likewise the airline will be granted access to the corresponding spare parts pools at Lufthansa Technik. "Lufthansa Technik has met our expectations concerning the support provided on the Boeing 737NG," said Daniel Yim, General Manager of the purchasing team from Eastar Jet. "Therefore we are looking forward to the expanded component supply for our Boeing 737 MAX fleet aimed at achieving the same results."

Stefan Loh, Senior Sales Manager at Lufthansa Technik, said: "We are looking forward to providing component support for the new Boeing 737 MAX fleet. We will support Eastar Jet with excellent service quality and a competitive cost structure."

Lufthansa Technik guarantees reliable delivery from its TCS® pool comprising over 100,000 different components. Aircraft operators benefit from optimal component availability, without having to create and maintain their own spare parts warehouses. Lufthansa Technik TCS® pool customers benefit from lower operating costs, especially through effects of scale.