Become a STEM all-rounder at HAW Hamburg

In the Bachelor's program Mechatronics (B.Sc.), students research and develop controlled electro-mechanical systems at the interfaces of automotive and aircraft systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and applied computer science. Applications for a limited number of approximately 50 study places are open from June 01 to July 15 for the winter semester 2022 / 2023 at HAW Hamburg, University of Applied Sciences.

In 7 semesters of standard study time, the bachelor's program enables students to move confidently in all STEM disciplines. The future of mobility is a strong focus at the Department of Automotive and Aerospace Engineering.
Basic mechatronic elements, sensors and actuators, as well as control engineering and computer science are dealt with particularly intensively in the first semesters. In the further course of studies, students have the opportunity to set their own specializations in (1) robotics, (2) dynamics of drives and (3) mechatronics in vehicle and aircraft construction. Production automation, autonomous traffic control and intelligent digital cabin systems are just as important topics as aspects of ergonomics in driver and aircraft cabins.

Almost all courses in the higher semesters are supported by specialized laboratories. Work is preferably done in small groups. The program includes an internship in the seventh semester, in which students apply their knowledge and gain insights into technical, economic, organizational contexts of business operations. It ends with the writing of the bachelor thesis.

"Our aim is to enable our students to learn and try out job-qualifying skills at the cutting edge of science and technology," explains Prof. Dr. Thomas Kletschkowski, who heads the Department of Automotive and Aircraft Engineering. The interdisciplinary curriculum is also attractive to many of the partners in the Hamburg Aviation cluster, which means that dual studies are also possible, he adds. "This applies not only to large companies, but also to small and medium-sized enterprises, with which we have long enjoyed a trusting cooperation."

The prerequisite for studying mechatronics at HAW Hamburg is the general university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Alternatively, a vocational training with a subsequent three-year professional activity enables the admission to the study.

The studies are in German language.

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