Facial recognition technology enables contactless passage through security and gate

After a successful trial phase, Star Alliance biometric facial field recognition was officially launched at Hamburg Airport on April 28. With the new service, participating passengers travelling with Austrian, SWISS and Lufthansa can quickly pass through security checkpoints and boarding without a boarding pass or smartphone.

To use the service, participants in the Miles & More loyalty program can register for Star Alliance Biometrics. Passengers are required to register at least 24 hours before departure using a valid passport and the latest version of the Lufthansa or Miles & More apps. Once registered, travellers can pass through the central security checkpoint and boarding gates A17 and C16 at Hamburg Airport with no further contact or checks. The entrances at the gate and fastlanes of the central security checkpoint are clearly marked. The system automatically captures an image of the passeneger's face and compares it with the stored image. During the process, passengers can keep their facemarks - which are currently required for health reasons - on while they pass through the system. If the system makes a match, the entrances open automatically.

The technology was already successfully rolled out at the Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna hubs in November 2020 with the aim of providing passengers with a seamless travel experience. Once registered, passengers will be able to use biometric access at all participating airports. The identification solution used in Star Alliance Biometrics is based on the NEC I:Delight facial recognition technology from Japan's NEC Corporation and is available free of charge to Miles & More participants who have agreed to the use of their biometric data during the travel process.

Regarding privacy and security, Lufthansa Group has emphasized that personal data such as photos and other identifiers are encrypted and stored securely. The system has been developed in compliance with data protection and privacy laws, and storage of personal data is kept to the necessary minimum.

via: Hamburg Airport