Hamburg Aviation member wins out over competition in the electronics industry

After more than two years of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the economic consequences of demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers biting, companies are increasingly focusing on social sustainability and investing in intelligent measures to promote the health of employees and increase their attractiveness as employers. Especially in times of crisis, healthy and motivated employees are essential for businesses to remain successful despite today's challenges. In the electrical engineering sector, Silver Atena GmbH was able to hold its own against the competition and win first prize in the medium-sized company category.

The Corporate Health Award is presented annually by EUPD Research and the Handelsblatt Media Group and honors the best organizations in Germany. The award winners are the nationwide industry role models for sustainable solutions in strategic corporate health management. Silver Atena GmbH, for example, was also able to set an important example and was presented with the coveted award as this year's industry winner on November 17, 2022. Joshua Baaken, Head of Project Management and technically responsible for the Corporate Health Award at EUPD Research, congratulates: "Especially the comprehensive, integrated overall concept and the excellent communication on all levels confirms that BGM is capitalized at Silver Atena GmbH."

"Convincingly holistic and at the same time individual: "Trimm-Dich-Fit" is an elementary component of our health management and is a prerequisite for future-oriented and sustainable corporate development," explains Josef Mitterhuber, Managing Director of Silver Atena GmbH.

via Silver Atena GmbH