On 12-13 June 2018, the worldwide competence network will be hosting its international guests and scientists for the twelfth time in Stade. Among other things ground-breaking world novelties in the course of the use of carbon in the area of our mobility are presented. China is partner country 2018.

Whether in the water, on the ground or in the air - in the 21st century, human mobility will be strongly influenced by the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP). For example, Airbus` A 350 long-haul aircraft is more than half carbon.

Further developments in this segment are as much a topic at the CFK Valley Convention 2018 as the use of carbon in human mobility on earth. So the multiple Paralympics gold medal winner Markus Rehm, who runs with a carbon prosthesis, will report on his experiences. Also CRRC (World`s largest railway Company) from China, Partner country 2018, will contribute on the use of carbon in high-speed trains.

More information about the program and steps to register can be found at: cfk-valley.com