On 1 January 2020, the successful takeover of GMA Engineering GmbH by QRelation Management Team GmbH took place.

"The negotiations with Mistras GMA-Holding GmbH were uncomplicated and with its Managing Director Ante Kaselj were characterized by mutual trust. The takeover was a starting signal for a certainly successful cooperation between the two companies. The complementary skills of both companies will create additional opportunities on the market," says QRelation Managing Director Stefan Karstens.

QRelation Management Team GmbH is very pleased about the strengthening of its team. The new colleagues ideally complement and expand QRelation's current portfolio.

"With the GMA-Engineering takeover, we are also pleased to have new customers and thus further expand our market position," adds QRelation CFO Stefan Heinsohn.

The GMA group of companies (Gesellschaft für Materialabnahme) has been offering certified services in the field of quality assurance and materials testing for over 30 years. As an accredited and certified company (DIN ES ISO/IEC 17025; Nadcap) and aeronautical engineering company (EASA Part 145), the field of activity extends to project-related tasks in the quality assurance of components for the aerospace industry, the oil and gas industry, plant engineering and construction, the automotive industry and wind energy as well as in the monitoring of tests and processes worldwide. For strategic reasons, GMA separates from its engineering subsidiary.