www.qblue.aero offers vast range of vocational training for aviation

Qblue was formed by an alliance of educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, regional aviation networks, local government partners and other players in the educational landscape. The aim is offer a flexible, responsive education network offering career pathways through vocational training and qualifications. The project alliance also aims to help secure the long-term competitiveness of the Hamburg metro region as a place for aviation. The new online platform www.qblue.aero not only collates training courses available but also offers objective advice providing assistance on topics such as funding opportunities or personnel development. Looking forward, the project partners also intend to design AI-based learning path models tailored to the reality of skilled workers, which will also be hosted on the Qblue platform.

With more than 40,000 employees, Hamburg is the third largest civil aviation cluster in the world. In addition to global companies like Airbus and Lufthansa Technik, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have also flourished in the Hamburg metropolitan region and play a key role in shaping the supply chain in aircraft production. Technology-driven trends such as sustainable aviation and increasing digitalization across the value chain present both an opportunity and a challenge for skilled workers at SMEs. Training personnel effectively and flexibly to meet these challenges is crucial for many aviation companies. At the same time, innovative ideas and cutting-edge workforce skills are vital for the international competitiveness of the Hamburg metro region.

Transparency and support: Qblue makes offers at the location visible

The new Qblue platform presents an overview of qualifications available on the market and, with the help of a convenient search function, allows HR managers to quickly home in on the right course or qualification. The offering at qblue.aero will continue to grow as new partners add training packages to the site.

An integral part of Qblue is a consultation service offering support and advice for SMEs in managing training programmes for staff. The service offers advice on detailed aspects of all vocational training courses offered on the platform, information about funding opportunities for training programmes or other personnel development topics. Qblue advises objectively and competently.

In the future, the Qblue project will develop target group-specific digital learning path models. Qblue will also present prototypes of new learning modules and courses on topics such as digital transformation,  Industry 4.0, collaborative-interdisciplinary work and Clean Aviation.

Qblue: a new qualification network

As an education and training network, Qblue expands the existing network of Hamburg's aviation industry to include the qualification of skilled workers. This target group has until now not enjoyed the same focus as training for employees new to the industry, for example those starting their careers in aviation. Qblue was design specifically to support small and medium-sized companies in implementing qualification offerings tailored to their target groups and needs. The proejct also includes many networking events, allowing project members and users to create, share and benefit together.

Qblue - a joint project with 3 strong partners

Qblue is a joint project by Hamburg Centre of Aviation Training Lab (HCAT+) e.V., the aviation cluster network agency Hamburg Aviation e.V. and the industry association Hanse-Aerospace e.V..

Future-oriented qualification and training: HCAT+ e.V. has many years of experience in this field. AMong the many projects executed by the organisation is DigiNet.Air, a project that has already enabled digital qualification offerings to be developed together with Hamburg SMEs while nurturing the adoption of agile learning. The aviation cluster agency Hamburg Aviation e.V. and the industry association Hanse-Aerospace e.V. share the central task of maintaining existing and initiating new cooperations, offering a network of more than 150 small and medium-sized enterprises.

Qblue is funded for three years by the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) and financially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Innovation (BWI).