Federal Coordinator for Aerospace Policy Anna Christmann joins graduation ceremony

The 11th proTechnicale Classic year ended on 31 August 2022. 15 young women successfully completed the MINT orientation and qualification year and are now starting courses of study such as mechanical engineering, physics or computer science. They received their certificates at the closing event at the ZAL TechCenter in Hamburg. The opening speech was given by Dr Anna Christmann MdB, Federal Government Coordinator for German Aerospace and Commissioner for Digital Economy & Start-ups. Lutz Birke, Head of the Port and Innovation Office of the City of Hamburg, also personally congratulated the graduates. Hamburg's Department of Economics and Innovation has been promoting proTechnicale for a long time.

Whether mechanical engineering or physics, dual studies at Airbus or Lufthansa Solutions - the proTechnicale graduates knew exactly where they were going when they received their graduation certificates on 26 August 2022. For the project management, this means: Mission accomplished! Because the goal of proTechnicale Classic is to give young women the chance to work out their individual life perspectives in the STEM field. According to the MINT Spring Report 2022 of the Institute of the German Economy (IW), increasing the proportion of women is an important resource for counteracting the lack of skilled workers in this field and meeting the current challenges. Dr. Anna Christmann MdB also addressed this in her speech at the graduation ceremony on 26 August 2022: "The implementation of a successful climate change will continue to require significant recourse to innovations in STEM subjects in the future. This potential must be raised in every new generation of young researchers in the STEM subjects! The graduates of proTechnicale are an important part of this potential of female innovators in science, research and industry."

A diverse programme

The proTechnicale Classic programme is made up of diverse modules that all interlock at the end. Within eleven months, the participants get to know different courses of study and universities, complete internships at home and abroad, acquire specialised knowledge and earn their first credit points, strengthen their personality and lay the foundation for their individual network. "With proTechnicale Classic, we have been strengthening and qualifying young women for 11 years to make them personally and professionally fit for the MINT world," reports Friederike Fechner, project manager of proTechnicale. "We offer our female participants a safe space where they can learn and live intensively with like-minded people." This is because the Classic programme also includes project-owned shared flats. Through living together, but also through workshops such as team and conflict management or the implementation of a social project, the participants also gain important soft skills. The next class will start on 1 October 2022.

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