Following the launch event in Helsinki, the Windrove team is pleased to announce that it has become a project partner in the Interreg-BSR project "CITYAM - Preparing cities for sustainable Urban Air Mobility".

The CITYAM project aims to support and empower cities in facilitating a responsible and acceptable increase in urban air mobility via transnational Baltic Sea Region cooperation. It helps cities and citizens to adapt to the changes and to see the possibilities.

CITYAM seeks solutions suitable for increasing urban air mobility in a responsible way. Drones are a green and smart mobility form, but the potential, volume and sustainability of these automated vehicles in the lower airspace of our cities needs management and better planning. For this, a strategy and policies, preparation, greater awareness and more knowledge and tools are crucial.

Through close transnational cooperation, CITYAM will provide the ingredients and tools for a solid urban air mobility strategy, to adapt city planning practices in relation to landing site and airspace management, and also to scale city-relevant drone operations as part of a multimodal transport system. Increasing public officials’ capabilities, and measuring public acceptance are key to this work.

During the project, the solutions will be tested in the three leading cities of Hamburg, Helsinki and Stockholm for different purposes. The project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region from 01/2023 to 12/2025.

Partners: Forum Virium Helsinki (coordinator), National Land Survey of Finland, Aalto University, Hamburg Aviation Cluster, Stockholm City, Kista Science City, Hamburg Port Authority, Riga Technical University, City of Riga, City of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonian Aviation Academy, and City of Gdansk.

Associated partners: Fintraffic Air Navigation Services, City of Helsinki’s Economic Department and Land Use Planning Department, City of Hamburg’s Ministry of Economy and Innovation,Gesellschaft fur Luftverkesinformatik, LFV (Swedish Civil Aviation Administration), Latvia Association of Large Cities, Estonian Aviation Cluster, Technical University of Gdansk, and Polish Civil Aviation Authority.