In the framework of the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2020, Airbus, the Hamburg Aviation Cluster Office and ADS UK organised a joint Pitch Event, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic the pitch session needed to be postponed.

It is with great pleasure that collectively we were able to invite all 2020 selected companies from the networks of Hamburg Aviation, ADS, and Aerospace Valley to present their innovations during a virtual event in May 2021 in front of Airbus and ATR. The 3-minute pitch presentations focussed on sustainability, energy efficiency, new materials, catering and cabin wastes. 

The pitch met with a very positive response. It offered all participants a good platform to present innovative products or to get to know them. 

"The product series "eBulb" and "AMFE" are on the one hand innovative and at the same time still very new and unknown. The opportunity to present such a product to a top-class and innovation-oriented audience like that of Airbus does not come along every day.” Said Thomas Da Ronch, managing partner of Permalux about the opportunity to present their miniature fire extinguisher as part of the pitch session. 

“As a supplier, you often do not know whether or not there is a demand for such products in a special market as aviation. A presentation in front of an audience from different areas of Airbus can therefore provide important insights into the further development of the product strategy in aviation. Da Ronch said he was very pleased with the output of the event. 

Our expectations were positively met, especially because the pitch was able to take place precisely in the current situation and the feedback from the participants was thoroughly positive. This now needs to be followed up." 

We thank all companies for participating this event and look forward to future editions of the Airbus/ATR Pitch session!