For more than 25 years, P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH of Ahrensburg has been one of the leading suppliers of photoluminescent safety products, emergency power systems and safety lighting. Today, the company is refreshing its brand image with the new PERMALUX logo.

The term "PERMALUX" has its roots in the company's history: Since its foundation, the name P.E.R. has stood for Permalux Escape Routes. This name describes the company's philosophy of manufacturing products that ensure permanent lighting and energy supply even in emergency situations and thus enable people to escape safely. These include, for example, low-location guidance systems for aviation and shipping and signage, as well as complete solutions for emergency power systems and safety lighting, and escape and rescue plans for buildings.

The launch of the new brand name was accompanied by a revamp of the website, which went live in April 2019. The new address features a completely new website that reflects PERMALUX's new orientation.

The new brand presence reflects the successful guiding principle of P.E.R.'s company history and continues the tradition. While the company name of P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH remains unchanged, the new PERMALUX brand identity lays an important foundation stone for the company's further development, as Thomas Da Ronch explains: "We are committed to working together with our customers to ensure that the next 25 years are just as successful and cooperative as in the past.

The new corporate identity is a consequence of the strategic development of P.E.R. by the new company owners Lars Diestel and Thomas Da Ronch who jointly took over the company from the founders in 2018.