AES’ FS0945 lavatory flush switches are a seamless solution for aircraft cabins.

Commercial aviation has been heavily affected by the Corona Virus Pandemic. Complying with stricter guidelines in terms of hygiene during in-flight operations, and further strengthening passenger confidence regarding safety on board, now means taking extensive disinfection precautions. This starts with guidelines upon arrival at the airport, during check-in, through to security checks and boarding and extends to the thorough cleanig of all sufacese and appliences on board.

In addition to the tray tables and the seatbelt buckles, the focus is on the lavatory flush switches. AES’ FS0945 lavatory flush switches are a seamless solution.  By way of IR sensors, hand movement activates our flush switches. This provides a contact free solution, reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses on-board.

These products have been certified for the Airbus A350 program and have been in successful operation for many years. They have also been selected for the „Airspace“ project and in this context the qualification process for the Airbus A 320 family is already complete.