General meeting selects new leadership for 2022

Hamburg's ZAL Center for Applied Aeonautical Research held its annual general meeting for 2022. 18 of the 21 ZAL members were presented in the auditorium. Among the first orders of business was the approval of reports for the two fiscal years 2020 and 2021.

The meeting also re-elected first chairman Jörg Manthey (representating HECAS e.V. and TECCON Director Business Development) as well as second chairman Thorsten Reimetz (for Silver Atena, Director Systems).

The meeting also elected Sebastian Corth (Managing Director of Hanse Aerospace) as representative for Hanse Aerospace e.V.. Dr Martin Spieck (representative for ZAL member Thelsys) as also elected. Both posts are held until 2024.

The change in representation follows the depature of Nils Stoll, who has stepped down after representing Hanse Aerospace on the Board for the last three years.

The new board is looking forward to realising ambitious new goals this year. Autumn 2022 will see a workshop to intensify the cooperation between the various ZAL members.

The new year has got off to a successful start, with a research grant awarded by the city of Hamburg through its GATE (Green Aviation TEchnology) programme. The project involves two members of the support association, or Förderverein, as well as ZAL GmbH and one additional partner. Its research focus is hydrogen propulsion for aviation and scheduled to run until 2024.

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