Airbus restructures its commercial aircraft division

On July 1, 2022, Airbus Aerostructures GmbH, a wholly owned Airbus subsidiary headed by Dr. Andre Walter, began operations.

The new company comprises four main sites, including the Hamburg plant, where Airbus Aerostructures is headquartered. Approx. 4300 employees work at this site. Other locations are the plants in Stade (approx. 1600 employees), Nordenham (approx. 2200 employees) and Bremen (approx. 350 employees). In addition, another 500 Airbus Aerostructures employees work at the Augsburg and Varel sites

In total, around 8,400 employees work for the company which manages and delivers rear fuselages and large structural components to Airbus. This includes the production of fuselage shells and the subsequent structural assembly and equipping, the manufacturing of vertical tail planes made of light carbon fibre reinforced plastic, and the production of complex thermoplastic CFRP clips as well as sheet metal forming parts.

With the new company, Airbus aims to expand its capacity to increase production, as well as prepare to build zero-emission aircraft by 2035.

via: Airbus