Development of an optimized maintenance concept for the US-American carrier

US-American carrier JetBlue Airways is one of the first customers of Lufthansa Technik's new engineering consulting service 'Maintwise'. In only two months, Lufthansa Technik has developed a maintenance concept tailored to the individual needs of the customer for his entire Airbus A320 fleet, consisting of about 130 aircraft.

The aim of 'Maintwise' is to bundle optimally all aspects of an aircraft maintenance program, taking into account available ground times, customer targets and framework conditions. In cooperation with the customer's planning and engineering experts, the engineers at Lufthansa Technik devise a maintenance concept that optimally harmonizes the flight plan with the maintenance program.

Depending on the customer's objectives, higher aircraft availability or lower maintenance costs are the main targets. Other objectives may include improving planning stability or increasing flexibility for aircraft operations.

For this, engineers of Lufthansa Technik assess the customer's situation by identifying the exact targets and collecting relevant information concerning the maintenance concept. Taking into account ground time constraints, maintenance requirements, required working hours and other criteria, different concepts are simulated and evaluated.

On the basis of the analysis, Lufthansa Technik proposes possible scenarios for maintenance concepts and compares their economic benefits. From this, the customer chooses the most suitable concept for implementation, which is then developed in detail.